Keith Potts, Owner of Ocean to Fork Seafood

The mission of Ocean to Fork Seafood is right in the name.

We think seafood should taste as good from the store as it does when you catch it yourself, and we started Ocean to Fork to offer just that — the very best fresh fish and shellfish, delicious prepared foods, and amazing spices, sauces, and spreads  all at affordable prices and with excellent customer service.

For us, great seafood is a labor of love. The preservatives added to most seafood, especially imported shrimp, cause allergic reactions in many people, my wife being one of them. She thought she was allergic to shrimp, but really it was just the chemical additives. We're blessed to live among the tidal rivers of the South Carolina Lowcountry, and we're passionate about sharing our region's legendary seafood with as many people as possible.

So, whether you stop by our seafood store in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina or order your fresh seafood through our online store (coming soon!), you can know you're getting the best possible product from fellow seafood-lovers who care as you much as you do about quality, freshness, and sustainability.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!

Keith Potts
Owner, Ocean to Fork Seafood